TV Wall Mounting in Ipswich at Boom Battle Bar






TV, 4×4 Matrix, Cat 6 cabling

In today’s world of digital entertainment, the visual appeal and interactivity play a pivotal role in enhancing customer experiences. Boom Battle Bar, located in Ipswich, identified the need to elevate their visual entertainment game. Their aim? Install state-of-the-art 4K television systems that would seamlessly integrate with their current setup, making the environment more immersive for their patrons.

The Challenge:

  • Distance between the source (Sky boxes) and the TVs was up to 70 meters, which could degrade signal quality.
  • Seamless integration was required with their existing entertainment systems.
  • Ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing business operations during installation.

The Solution:

  1. High-Resolution Displays: We mounted four wall-mounted 4K TVs, providing crystal-clear visuals to enhance the ambiance and offer premium viewing experiences to customers.

  2. Advanced Transmission System: A cutting-edge 4×4 matrix was implemented, ensuring top-notch 4K resolution transmission. This system could handle multiple input sources and feed them into multiple output displays, allowing for greater flexibility and utility.

  3. Durable & Long-Distance Transmission: Utilizing CAT 6 cables, we established a robust connection over distances up to 70 meters without compromising the signal quality. This not only preserved the high-definition experience but also offered flexibility in terms of TV placements.

  4. Integration with Sky Boxes: The newly installed system was flawlessly integrated with the existing Sky boxes, ensuring that patrons at Boom Battle Bar did not miss out on any live sports or entertainment broadcasts.

Benefits Realized:

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: The vivid displays, combined with high-quality broadcast content, increased dwell time and improved overall satisfaction levels among patrons.
  • Versatility: The 4×4 matrix allowed for a diverse range of content to be displayed on each TV, offering versatility based on events, occasions, or customer preferences.
  • Durability: Using CAT 6 cables assured longevity and consistent performance, reducing the need for frequent maintenance or replacements.
  • Business Continuity: The installation process was streamlined to cause minimal disruption, ensuring the bar’s operations continued smoothly.

The integration of a state-of-the-art 4K TV system at Boom Battle Bar in Ipswich successfully elevated the venue’s entertainment quotient. By marrying technology with strategic placement and quality infrastructure, the bar has positioned itself as a preferred destination for those seeking an unparalleled visual experience.

Boom Battle Bar’s investment in this advanced television system not only underscores their commitment to offering top-notch entertainment to their customers but also paves the way for other venues to recognize the potential of such technological enhancements in enriching the customer experience.

If you’re looking for a truly captivating and enjoyable viewing experience like this, contact us today to schedule your TV installation!